DraftKings tanking post Hindenburg report

Shares of DraftKings ($DKNG) started to fall sharply after Hindenburg, an investment research firm released a report detailing its short position thesis against DKNG. The shares are down by 8% within minutes of market opening. What is your play on this stock? Are you planning on timing the market and buying in post the fall or are you shorting the stock along with Hindenburg?

Lol. Hindenburg tanked Nikola ($NKLA) as well.

In my eyes, DraftKings always was and will be a Reddit meme ‘stonk’.

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Yeah, I thought so as well…well, initially.

I wonder what your views are on Cathie buying the dip on $DNKG. Cramer called her the best average-downer on the planet!

Also, not to forget - some local investment advisors (:wink:) were pretty bullish on $DKNG. Wonder what their portfolios are going through… hedge fund tears :open_mouth: