Gaming industry stocks🕹

Lockdowns have thrown gaming industry stocks, like Activision and Tencent, into the spotlight. Do you agree with the hype?

definitely - and now with cloud gaming coming expect more more gamers :rocket:

I like Activision :video_game: thank you call of duty

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closely monitoring the gaming industry and you would be surprised to look at some of the numbers>>

check this out: GAN 2019 trading exceeds expectations, seeks NASDAQ listing - Vox Markets

By the end of 2023, more than three billion people will spend more than five hours a week playing games and consuming gaming media.

Microsoft acquiring bethesda games, might have serious implications for Sony

Check out CD Projekt, they are a Polish game developer, their top title was The Witcher, first launched in 2002 (it was made into the Netflix show which you probably watched earlier this year).

They’ve made some serious investments in artificial intelligence, and they’ve got a big new game launch coming in November, starring Keanu Reeves. It’s their first new launch in several years and features their new seamless multiplayer gaming function. Some are picking it will be a big hit. (see trailer below).

That said, there’s a lot of hype around their upcoming release, and the stock is currently trading at 164.74 P/E. The stock is down 20% from recent highs in September, making CD Projekt one to watch.

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@Soverdahl Sounds interesting! Will be checking that out.

Nice @Soverdahl thanks, ill check it out