Is an undervalued Ecommerce stock?

An earlier post by @Neerab prompted me to dig deeper into $WISH:

An argument can be made for WISH being a value play in the software sector. As of Friday’s close, their p/b sits just north of 6, relative to the SW sector average of 13.34. Current market cap is 5.86B on 2.5B of revenue in 2020 (2.3x last year’s revenue). Revenue is growing at a 34% YoY clip, with 107M average monthly users in 2020, representing 19% YoY growth. They are sitting on 2B in cash/cash equivalent assets, and their ATR is .3512 vs SW sector median of .1225, ranking 6th in the sector out of 291 companies.

Their asset/liability ratio is also improving at 1.86, ranking 86 in SW sector vs 290 other companies. EPS improved drastically QoQ from Q42020 to Q1 2021, from -.9 to -.2, ranking 114 out of 291 in their sector.

As to how they stack up against some of their competitors:

Shopify: 25x revenue

LSPD: 33x revenue

NVEI: 15x revenue

Amazon: 4x revenue

WISH: 2x revenue

Being just 25% up from its all-time-lows, WISH looks like it has quite some room to run!