Thoughts on $CLOV?

Clover Health Investments Corp or $CLOV has had quite the run-up in the past couple of weeks. It’s up 30% from the 24th of May alone. I looked through the stock and here’s what I found:

  1. Extremely high Short Interest (40%+), this is known to be a WSB favorite identifier.

  2. High institutional investors who can’t sell until the stock hits 30$ for 90 days. Stock is currently at 9$.

  3. Recently joined MCSI index and had a nice run-up from 7.7 to 9

  4. ZERO DEBT, 700 million cash, unlike AMC, no risk of dilution!

  5. Will be added to Russel 3000 soon, should be another nice reason to begin lift off

  6. Available shares to short almost done and BORROWING rate going up, doubled last week.

  7. They beat earnings two weeks ago!

  8. Backed by Chamath and Clintons