Unusual inflation indicators (I swear I'm not making these up)

  1. Men’s underwear index: According to this indicator, a decline in men’s underwear sales indicates a poor economy while an upswing in sales predicts an improving economy.

  2. The champagne index: When you reasons to celebrate, you pop open a bottle of champagne. So champagne sales are normally associated with rising income levels in the economy.

  3. The first date indicator: When an economy bottoms out, people seek the comfort of relationships to overcome depression and loneliness. This indicator shows how there is an increased traffic on online dating sites during recessions.

  4. Buttered popcorn index: Conventional wisdom suggests that when the economy is in tatters, people tend to get frugal. But when times are tough, people also need an escape, like watching a movie with a bucket of buttered popcorn.

What do you think about these indicators? Any crazy indicators that you follow?


Haha, this is funny and insightful at the same time! I’ll be thinking about inflation the next time I buy popcorn at the theatre!

If only the UAE had an AMC, we’d get some for free!

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Hahaha. Might see the champagne index hit all time highs as people get hammered to drown their sorrows. It’s a double edged sword after all.

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