Apple on Facebook's territory?

Apple is laying the groundwork for a suite of social features designed to let you do a lot of what you would normally do on Instagram and Facebook, only with more emphasis on privacy. Think of it as a watered-down social network without all the bloat and annoying stuff you find in other apps.
There are a number of features that can blow the minds of any user accustomed to apps like Instagram, Snapchat, or even Whatsapp!

The potential features may include face time video calls to people using androids or windows, users will be able to share music and videos too through SharePlay. More on:

Will this affect the Zuckerberg empire, what are your thoughts on it?


Apple has inadvertently created a large moat through its hardware and prop software ecosystem. Apple’s witnessed explosive Revenue growth but the same cannot be said about its margins - hardware is harder to scale as compared to software.

Now that Apple has created the moat, it’s time to exploit it. This can happen through overlapping features, or a Facebook-esque app. This is sure to take away a lot of the growth and revenue that is currently priced into FB’s stock price.

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