Do retail investors have the potential to actively change a company through voting?

I like to trade and invest in stocks in my free time and like most people whenever a new meme stock comes around, I like to watch from the sidelines and sometimes join in with a few shares. After seeing the aftermath/now of the huge impact millions of retail investors had on stocks like GME, AMC, etc. I started to wonder…

What if all of these retail investors were to vote together? Could they have a significant effect on a company? Personally, I will just ignore any email I get about voting at a shareholder meeting since I know my vote will be meaningless but if retail investors, or reddit for example, was to come together and vote wouldn’t there be a possibility that they could actually change a company?

I have very little knowledge on shareholder voting so maybe my random thought was meaningless but if there was a way for retail investors votes to actually make a change it would be interesting to think about the possibilities. It would probably have to be a change that is either meme enough so people can vote together or something like right to repair where all the consumers (retail investors) will be happy