Anybody have experience with stock alert apps?

Im new to stocks and dont know too much about them but im wanting to learn. Ive been seeing some ads about alert apps that send you a notification on stocks that are predicted to have good returns. Like i said im wanting to learn so if these actually work i think itd help me in doing so. Only reason i havnt already trued them is because on almost all of them they have $100+ monthly memberships which is a lot to just try something out. Or is there any other thing like this that someone could recommend me to try? Would really appreciate the advice

Edit: not looking for someone to tell me what to invest in. Im a very hands on learner so being able to look at a stock thats predicted to go up i can read into that company and figure out kinda what caused it if that makes any sense. Thats the reason i was curious about those apps cause if i can see it grow from the third person ill kinda know more what to look for when i read into a different one

Why use stock alert apps when you’ve got baraka? Simply add a stock to your watchlist and check in on them periodically.