HP computers looks super undervalued!

I decided to look into HP (HPQ) and they seem like an extremely good investment. First, their down about 15% from their all-time-high, they trade at a P/E of 10.5 yet their revenues and profit continue to consistently grow, they trade at a price to free cash flow of around 7, their aggressively buying back shares, and have a dividend yield of 2.55%, this is looking extremely undervalued and a steal but when something looks this good I have to question why.

Their at a 36 billion dollar market cap so it’s not like their some giant that can’t grow anymore.

Now for their actual business, I understand their in the space of printers, computers, and stuff like that therefore I understand there was a large spike this year and the growth may not be sustainable for the next year but it doesn’t mean that it should be at this low of a valuation.

What are you thoughts on HP?