Investing in Water

Leading investors, like Dr. Michael Burry, focus their portfolios on one particular commodity: water.

Here are a few stocks that may benefit from increasing public investment in making water more clean, accessible and safe:

$XYL - Xylem Inc
$AWK - American Water Works Co
$AWR - American States Water Company
$PNR - Pentair, Inc.

$BSHE - Bioshaft Water Technology, Inc.
$ENSL - Entech Solar, Inc.
$LNN - Lindsay Corp
$ITRI - Itron Inc
$MWA - Mueller Water Products
$NWPX - Northwest Pipe
$PICO - Pico Holdings
$PPEHF - Pure Technologis

And to top it off: $WTER - The Alkaline Water Company.

Not Investment Advice. Do your own research.

@ymir @ymir2 Companies that are most likely to go ballistic from a climate change and the ensuing water crisis.

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