Reading recommendations for natural resources

I have avoided the sector like the plague for most of my investing career but I have decided that I want to build up my knowledge of natural resources a bit and see where it goes.

I am not totally unfamiliar with the sector. I have read Oil 101 by Downey but I am looking for something a bit more detailed. My preference is towards mining. I am happy for any and all recs but the oil stocks available to me seem less likely to generate returns. Not interested in anything ag-related.

I am not looking for the “10 ways to make money in oil stocks” books. I am looking for decent textbooks on geology, production technology, operations, etc. But bear in mind that I just do consumer/tech stocks…so I am looking for an intro.

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From a short term POV, oil stocks have a ton to gain from the economy reopening and inflation pushing higher. It’s an input factor in almost everything produced today, even the windmills and solar cells needed to produce clean energy are built in factories using fossil fuels.

That said, I think low-debt and cash flow positive oil majors such as Chevron and its dependent suppliers have a lot of room to run.

Over the long term though, I would invest in a lot more sustainable and climate change friendly businesses that would make money from the scarcity of resources like Water, Clean Food et al.

Tagging you in an “Investing in Water” post I’d put up a few months ago.

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