What stock would you pick if you start trading right now?

If you’re able to start trading Stocks starting today and you can only trade one stock, what Stock would that be? and Why?

I would pick Snapchat because of their recent growth, investments and acquisitions in AR and fashion space and their plans.

This is the company you don’t want to miss.


I believe BA would be a good buy at this point as economies reopen. Also BKNG, Expedia are looking good as travel rebounds. FAANG stocks also making a comeback.


I think Oil stocks have a lot of room to run, as economies open up and vaccinations lead the world to a pre-covid industrial production and supply chain normalization.

Add to this consumer demand, which has only accelerated with trillions being printed and distributed like free lunches. This should realistically cascade down to an upward delta in consumer behavior. I think we should see some of this being reflected in an upwards push in Crude Oil prices, and by extention, OIl Majors like $CVX and $BP