Why Would Price Go Down if Inflow is Consistently Higher Than Outflow?

I jumped on the stock bandwagon/hive mind in late Jan/early Feb so I’m new to the stock thing and have been trying to understand how everything works ever since.

One question I haven’t been able to find and answer or explanation for is Inflow and Outflow.

For example on the AMC stock according to the Webull app the Inflow is consistently greater than the outflow but the price of the stock still drops at times.

Inflow vs outflow surely can’t be the only factor I’m that determines a stock price but the basics tell me when there’s more people buying (inflow) the price goes up and more people selling (outflow) price goes down. So if there’s more people buying all the time wouldn’t the price move up a lot more?

Whenever I ask this I get one word answers like “manipulation” “dark pools” “hedgies”. I’d like better explanations though or at least more detailed. Seems too simple an answer to be strictly manipulation.

Webull Inflow/Outflow 1

Webull Inflow/Outflow 2

Ive seen greater and smaller differences in the inflow vs outflow than this before but at the time the stock is still going down.

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Well dark pools do explain some of it, if not all. Other explanations could include the latency of Webull’s data. A lot of these front-end interfaces use third party data sources that aren’t always up to the second.

Great read!