Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Where do you think AI is headed? Do you invest in AI? Why or why not? :robot: :robot: :robot:

alyssa, you have to invest in AI - its the way of the future - everything is going to be AI enabled

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Speaking of AI, what are your thoughts on PLTR? There are too many mixed views on the company and although I believe in the company, there growth has been declining and I am not sure whether it is the right time to enter

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Palantirs got an incredible Moat given its concentration of revenues from government contracts of some of the largest NATO nations. While many analysts believe this to be a problem, I think investors like you and I can use this quirk to our advantage.

One of the best ways of forecasting a buy/sell on PLTR would be to forecast US Gov budgets on analytics, network infrastructure, domestic ops and so forth.

Another way I like to time my investments into PLTR is by looking at inflows into ETFs like ARK Innovation ETF and so on. Every dollar allocated to these ETFs will see 15 cents flowing into PLTR. So a direct correlation here.

So these are a few indicators you could use to inform your decision making.