Be cautious with Pitney Bowes at this price

Pitney Bowes is attempting to turn their business around after a decade of decline.
The stock may seem cheap at first glance, but the valuation makes more sense with a look at the bigger picture.
While the company has managed to grow revenue and earnings the past few years, I am not confident enough in its turnaround to invest here.
I think there are better places to put your money until Pitney Bowes proves that it can fund its business and reduce debt through strong positive cash flow.
What are your thoughts on this stock?

Interesting! I would imagine that companies are taking on more debt to grow their businesses at a time when credit flows to the junk bond markets are at their highest.

I think I saw a 3% junk bond offering! We’ve come a long way from 6% Treasury Yields in the early 2000s.