Briacell, a potential growth stock?

$BCTX has the potential to grow significantly. It’s currently a “micro-cap” but it deserves to be a large-cap stock worth a 1 billion market cap in my opinion. It’s only a matter of WHEN not IF. It’s a cancer treatment company specifically focused on cancer, especially for women. currently, shorts are trying hard to take it down.
Currently sitting at 50 million market cap, similar competitors in cancer space and trial timeline sitting a 200mil-1bil. Many institutions have bought in, over 60% of the float is LOCKED and held by whales including the CEO who bought a ton of his own company stock (very bullish).
Partnerships with Merck (183bil market cap) and Incyte (18bil market cap) are imminent, the CEO has ties. Long term they’ve stated they will use the extra cash for creating a “mega biotech” and moving on to cure other cancers as well.
The stock has immense potential and shorts are killing it, what are your opinions on it?


I wonder what’d happen to Microcap stocks if WallStreetBets users started pumping them up!

Low Volume, Low Float, High Insider Holding! - this is one of the first microcap bull cases that’s attracted so much attention.