Baraka Exchange Rules

Welcome to baraka Exchange! This is a space for discussions and learning.

Please be aware of our exchange rules below.

  1. Be kind! Help make this place a welcoming, respectful, and interesting place to hang out. Feel free to welcome new members and engage with any posts on the forum.
  2. Do not show unconstructive behavior. Examples include but are not limited to: aggressive tone, personal offense, harassing other forum members or our staff, endorsing unreliable news sources, sharing misleading information, posting personal information/details about members/staff, posting negative views without any effort for constructivity, derailing topics, trolling, etc.
  3. Do not make investment recommendations or give any sort of investment advice (more in the Chat Guidelines ).
  4. Do not share content that does not contribute positively and do not overly push your comments - content that is spam or might insult others, directly or indirectly, throwaway comments, unnecessary foul language, duplicate comments across multiple threads, and avoid registering multiple user accounts to push your viewpoint, especially after your account got suspended.
  5. Do not promote your own business or try to take advantage of the forum for your own business, in any form.
  6. Do not promote other businesses. Examples include sharing links or referrals links, advertisements, and marketing material.
  7. We have a very strict no personal drama policy.

Violating any of the rules might result in your account getting suspended.

We will continuously update this rule system to keep our forum members as well as our staff respected and content.

If you want to discuss these rules with us, please get in touch.

Our staff may remove or lock posts at their discretion and without notice.

Baraka Financial Limited (“baraka”) does not provide any trading or investment advice and shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any general information provided by Baraka or as may be available on Baraka’s website and other web-based services. Investment opinion posted here represent the views of the author only and are not approved by baraka.