Chat Guidelines

As you read and share content, please be aware of our chat rules and guidelines below.

The financial and investment decisions you make should be your own, and it is not often wise to follow the advice of random people.

Please do:

  • Share content that is your own and does not violate the intellectual property of other parties.
  • Attempt to give fair balance to your content. Investing is rarely black and white.
  • Follow all other requests and guidance that apply to this community.

Please do not:

  • Believe or follow everything you read. Everyone has different circumstances and people have different investment strategies, goals, and philosophies.
  • Recommend other users to buy or sell investments. Avoid sharing ‘price targets’, as these can be considered as a strong recommendation that others do the same.
  • Post non-public or confidential information that could impact the price or value of an investment.
  • Post any advertising or marketing material and spam content.

Baraka Financial Limited (“baraka”) does not provide any trading or investment advice and shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any general information provided by Baraka or as may be available on Baraka’s website and other web-based services. Investment opinions posted here represent the views of the author only and are not approved by baraka.