Best Sites to Research Stocks?

I am trying to improve my DD skills instead of relying on WallStreetBets to make my stock decisions. I have heard that FinViz is a good stock tracking site, as well as Seeking Alpha and Yahoo Finance as well. Are there any other stock trading sites that I can tap into as extra resources to better educate myself with stocks? I’ve found that WSB is infiltrated with bots, and I took a minor loss by going with their recommendations. No more WSB for me, I learned my lesson. Now, I want to change the way I research stocks, your help would be much appreciated!

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You can always check out the Discover section on the baraka app.

Use the search bar on top to discover stocks by name or ticker, or swipe down to view stocks by newly listed, trending or by sector. I find the sector sort option the best because it also allows me to compartmentalize and diversify my investments.