What’s the very best investing advice you’ve ever received?

Investing is rocket science. It takes a lot of risks if you want to invest in something. There is both upside and downside. So you need to decide accordingly.

What’s the best investing advice you’ve ever received?


Invest in what you know, know what you invest in.

I know so many people who have been bitten the wrong way by taking on too much leverage or misunderstanding margin. It’s super reckless to put important money on stake unless you have ZERO risk.

Same goes for stocks - don’t put your money in a company that makes ‘azeotropic siloxane ethers’ if you don’t understand what they are. Stick with companies that you know through and through instead of going on wild goose chases.


Absolutely. Invest in companies that you understand.

Don’t invest in companies who are growing tremendously but you know nothing about.

The general rule of investing. invest what you can afford to loose.