What is a good way to use spreadsheets when investing, particularly in stocks?

Been investing for the better part of a year now, still don’t overly know what I’m doing. Managed to stumble backwards into GME early and have a larger account than expected at this point, so I wouldn’t mind learning more proven strategies. I started working with spreadsheets and have grown quite fond of them, kinda looking for a reason to use them in my own life. I know I’ve heard of people using spreadsheets to help with investing, curious how they can be helpful. Not sure if people have techniques to predict future share values using sheets, or if it’s mostly to track/predict account values. I’m sure I could google this and find answers but I’m curious if y’all like to use them and what for. Also wondering if they would be more effectively used for options trading or any of the strategies with theta and what not that I really don’t know much about. Thanks for any info.